Why I´m so excited about travelling

For me travelling is not only about seeing new places. It includes so much more and I love every single part of it!


I love learning languages and the best way to do so is to listen to natives and maybe even be forced to use it at times. I feel like people often separate because of language barriers. I think language is a big part of really understanding an individual´s behavior and culture and I really enjoy doing so, which brings me to my next point.


I think the planet´s different cultures are a super fascinating topic. We all basically have the same genetic material and still we manage to share completely different opinions, routines and believes. I think we learn a lot if we listen to people from different countries, because their opinions are just naturally more distinct from ours than the ones of people who grew up under the same conditions.

And thinking about things we didn´t consider before is how we learn about life. I´m not saying you immediately need to adopt an opinion, but I can talk at least for me if I say that listening to people from all over the planet gave me a thousand useful ideas that – I guess – made me wiser and happier when they turned into opinions.



If you´ve been following along, you already know I´m a foody and although it might be hard to get used to certain dishes, I´m keen to try everything. Not only once have I been surprised by tastiness of a weird-looking meal!

Every country has their own specialities and even if you know how to cook them, you will probably need ingredients that don´t exist or taste really different outside the country they come from.



And lastly: the planet is amazing, it has so much to show! I could never be happy at a place knowing how much there is to see in the great, wide world without having been there. One day I want to return to where ever that will be and be sure that it´s the right place for me.



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