Tlaquepaque is an artistic, colourful city that was surrounded by Guadalajara when it grew, so that now it seems more like a part of the city. It is one of Guadalajara´s “must sees” and there are some things you should not miss when you´re there!


Tlaquepaque is the place to go if you like Mexican handcrafts (“Artesania”), good, traditional food and colorful buildings. Although it is not big, you can spend days there paying attention to all the details.

As it is not far from Guadalajara, it is where Mexicans go to enjoy their free time and weekends and although it really seems like a place for that, there are not too many international tourists.


Calle Independencia

This is the main street in Tlaquepaque that will bring you to all important places including the big letters on my title image and Jardín Hidalgo. Along you will find many nice restaurants and galleries, most of them with an attention-grabbing, unique courtyard you will want to enter.

Jardín Hidalgo

Tlaquepaque´s main square with a lot of street food stands, a pavilion and the church.

La casa de los gorditos

Out of the many galleries you can visit in Tlaquepaque, the one of the artist Rodo Padilla was my favourite. I generally recommend visiting as many of the galleries as possible, as every single one is unique, but this one I found especially captivating.

Plaza de Artesanias

Only one road away from the main road, this is a little, hidden alley, that has the famous umbrella roof even if Calle Independencia doesn´t at certain times of the year. As well there are some handcraft shops and a little restaurant.


El Parían

Being a complex of several restaurants surrounding a courtyard with a pavilion, El Parían is the place to go for traditional, mexican food for fair prices. Mariachis play in the pavilion in the evenings and for about 100 Pesos you can order them to your table to give a personal concert.

A speciality to try there is Cazuela Voladora, a mix of juice, soda, fruits and (of course) Tequila.


The place to go for nieve de garrafa, something in between icecream and sorbet. They keep it cold in a special vessel with the help of salt and the choice is huge! Don´t let the big waiting line discourage you, they are really fast.


I only realized after discovering it in Tlaquepaque that Chai is actually a food chain. I still think it´s worth mentioning as you can get really cheap, healthy food and nice cocktails and juices there (check out their menu here). In Tlaquepaque it´s located in a cozy courtyard next to the main street, which in my opinion is worth visiting independent from the restaurant in there.

Jardín Hidalgo

The main square in Tlaquepaque is the place to go for traditional Mexican street food. From Churros over Elote to Dorilocos you will find everything there. If you just got lost in random Spanish words, check out my Mexican food guide!


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