3 reasons why Mexico is the best destination for an exchange

It´s the perfect TRAVEL location!

Mexico is huge, it unites several different climates and its mix of cultures is ineffable. Among my favorite locations were the Cenotes on the Yucatan peninsula, the pre-hispanic ruins (not only Mayas inhabited Mexico before the Spaniards arrived!) all over the country and the lonely white beaches.

The best thing: To discover all of this is really inexpensive! Flights within the country are extremely cheap (especially flying with volaris or vivaaerobus) and life is very affordable, even for students. While many of my friends who went to other parts of the world had to limit their trips due to a lack of money, I was traveling nearly every weekend during my exchange!

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It´s the best place to learn SPANISH!

Although Mexicans enjoy to use slang and they´ll frequently include some words you need to study at first, their accent is not very strong. They are speaking slowly and very understandable.

Additionally, not many Mexicans speak English and from the first moment at the airport you´ll be somewhat forced to know at least a bit of Spanish (yes, you´ll have a hard time finding someone at the airport who speaks English!). But they will definitely reward you for that: if you´re able to at least introduce yourself, they´ll already praise your “amazing Spanish”.

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You´ll make some life-long FRIENDSHIPS!

… for two reasons:

  1. Mexicans are extremely friendly and outgoing. In my five months there I didn´t encounter a single grumpy, complaining Mexican (which was a nice contrast compared to Germany)! You won´t have a hard time making friends with them.
  2. If you decide to do your exchange in Mexico, back home they´ll often call you “crazy” or even “suicidal” and you´ll need a certain degree of courage and stolidity to still go there. Therefore, the exchange students you´ll meet in Mexico are this certain kind of people I personally enjoy a lot spending time with! I didn´t meet a single drama queen this semester.

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