I´m an Austria-born student and travelenthusiast. I created this blog because I feel like there’s a lot of professional blogs out there who started to take money for what they do and a lot of people who use their blog as diary.

Both is not really useful if what you enjoy about blogs is the personal, honest advice they give while including helpful information. I want my blog to be a long-term project I’ll keep working on and sharing my trips to change this!

I´m going to share some insights about my trips with you on this page. My goal is to encourage you to travel, as I am convinced it´s the most educating thing to do and (if you already share that opinion) show you some new places to visit.

I always loved traveling, writing and photographing and as travel blogging includes all those three, I´m really enjoying it. I hope you feel that when reading!


This is my biggest hobby.
I love everything about blogging and I´m doing it for fun! Every trip I do, I pay on my own and every place I recommend, I honestly like!

No unfunded advice.
In the age of travel blogging everybody seems to be able to give you the “10 best places” and the “5 best things to do”. I think you can only say something like that if you talked a lot to people who live there or you TRULY have a comparison. When I write something like this I do it because I honestly believe it and not because I´m trying to attract people to my blog and where ever I go I really try to absorb every aspect of the place including the culture, language, food etc.

This is a long-term project.
I love traveling and I love blogging about it, but unfortunately I need money for that. Other than some travel bloggers, who quit their jobs to travel full time, I will keep studying and working to afford as many trips as possible, like I always did.
This, at the same time, means, that this blog is a long-term project. I´m planning to do it for many years and add many more destinations.


I was born and raised in Salzburg, Austria where I completed a technical school.

I moved to Munich, Germany when I was eighteen to study “Management and Technology” at the Technical University, which I still do.

Since I was fifteen I did internships every summer and since I started studying I always had several student jobs. In my last job I worked in the international office of our university, where I cared for incoming exchange students from all over the world.

As my passion for traveling doesn´t only come from the places to see, but as well from my interest in foreign cultures and languages, I really enjoyed getting in contact with those people, some of them still being close friends.

After I did an exchange in Guadalajara, Mexico and traveled in Latin America for a few months in 2019, I understood that traveling can be both essential and damaging for local communities and the environment. Since then I tried to find a way to combine the best of both worlds, which resulted in the Global Art project.

I hope you enjoy our virtual gallery and maybe you can even connect to one of the amazing artists, learn about their country and culture through Global Art and get one of their pieces for your home!