A beginner´s guide to Mexican food that will save you hours of studying the menu

Being popular all over the world, you can imagine that Mexican food is a huge topic and in fact, the attempt to try everything kept me quite busy for five months. I was pretty overwhelmed by the food guides I found - most of them using words and ingredients I´ve never heard of before and all of them praising Mexican food to the highest. I decided to approach the topic step by step while featuring an ambivalent view, so that you can make the most out of your stay. Because to truly experience Mexico, trying its food is simply a must (like it´s the case for every country, I think)!


Mexican drinks you will want to be exported

In Mexico, there´s a whole culture around drinks, both alcoholic and anti-alcoholic. There´s a big number of Mexican beers, of which “Corona” is the only one that´s actually well-known in Europe as well and their whole tradition around Tequila and Mezqual will make you rethink your possible reluctance to drink them. So here´s a quick guide to the drinks you will definitely encounter at some point and I think you´ll like.

The 7 best places to eat in Guadalajara for every taste

If you are into food, I think you will like Guadalajara. As a big city it offers a huge variety, from best Mexican cuisine to all kinds of international dishes! And no matter if it´s a simple taco stand or an upper-class restaurant, in Guadalajara you´ll get an unbeaten value for money. I would even say the city would be worth a visit JUST for the food! During my time there I aimed to try every recommendation I got and, as an outcome, here are - only and exclusively - my absolute favorites.