5 dishes you cannot miss when in Mexico and the reasons why

There´s a Mexican in basically every European city, right? So why pressure yourself to try every dish in Mexico, when you can as well easily have it back home? For two reasons: Either it just tastes completely different there or you simply don´t get it outside Mexico. Here´s an introduction to the dishes I think you really shouldn´t miss when in Mexico!


The 7 best places to eat in Guadalajara for every taste

If you are into food, I think you will like Guadalajara. As a big city it offers a huge variety, from best Mexican cuisine to all kinds of international dishes! And no matter if it´s a simple taco stand or an upper-class restaurant, in Guadalajara you´ll get an unbeaten value for money. I would even say the city would be worth a visit JUST for the food! During my time there I aimed to try every recommendation I got and, as an outcome, here are - only and exclusively - my absolute favorites.

Lago Chapala

Lago Chapala is the biggest lake in Mexico and as it is really warm there and you cannot see the other end of the lake, for me it felt more like the ocean (maybe as well because most lakes in Austria are really small). Lago Chapala is one of the most popular leisure time go-to places close to Guadalajara.